“Discover Our Desert” Mural-In-A-Day

Onaga G.A.T.E. Class With Mural In a Day Design

Under the direction of Larger Than Life Murals, the G.A.T.E. ONES 4th-6th graders at Onaga Elementary School, along with their teacher GATE ONES Site Liaison Heather Possehl, and community volunteers will be painting a “Mural-In-A-Day” on Sat. Apr. 11th, 2015, from 9AM until 5PM on the school campus.

Discover Our Desert, Hand Painted Design
Discover Our Desert, Hand Painted Design by Larger Than Life Murals

The 37′ x 8′ “Discover Our Desert” Mural Project was conceived by Possehl as part of an effort to create an outdoor learning and meeting area on campus, and is a collaboration between Larger Than Life Murals public artists Linda Shrader and Echo Westover and the G.A.T.E. class.

The painting will begin with a black and white shaded drawing, and the students and volunteers will be adding all the color on Saturday. The public is encouraged to stop by, watch the mural come to life, and be a part of the hi-speed time-lapse video that will be filmed through the day.

“When I first started this journey at the end of the 2013-2014 school year, I never imagined it would culminate by working with such dedicated and talented community members.  They are guiding the students down a path of true understanding and helping students learn that they are part of something much bigger than themselves,” says Possehl.  “They eagerly look forward to each session with Larger Than Life Murals artists and cannot wait to see their concept become a reality on April 11th.”

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Through A Series Of After-School Meetings

The students have worked with Shrader and Westover co-creating the mural design, and learning about a wide range of good public art practices, including project planning, art design, respecting copyrights, licensing, the importance of using quality paints and protective coatings, and more. In addition, there was discussion about how fundamental academics like language art skills, mathematics, and sciences are applied to real life situations, even as an artist.

“I like to tell the students that I didn’t think academics were very important because I always knew I wanted to be an artist,” notes Shrader, “And then I became a professional artist, and guess what? I discovered that my so much of my daily operation requires academic skills! We take opportunities like this to not only teach and encourage students in their artistic endeavors, but in their academic studies as well.”

Calculating wall area and paint needed, scaling designs, cost analysis, bookkeeping, are just a few of the areas that require and incorporate math skills. Good language arts skills are a must for proposals, contracts, internet marketing, press releases, and communication between the artist and the client or public. Chemical interactions between primers, paints, and coatings, chemical emissions, as well as environmental and other factors are more easily understood with a firm grasp of chemical properties studied in science curriculums.

“I honestly can’t believe that these two amazing artists are willing to help us create something that will change our school forever,” says 6th grade G.A.T.E student Kahlena Alcantar.  “It was very enjoyable meeting them and discussing the rules of painting and planning our artwork together.”

We Need About 15-20 Artist-Assistant Volunteers

As members of the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council, I invite other member artists to “assist” student-artists on paint day, and hope to inspire others to get involved mentoring, teaching, and sharing their areas of interest and expertise with our children in the community.

For members of the MBCAC or other artists in the community who are interested in assisting our student artists on Saturday, April 11th, for all or part of the day, please contact Linda Shrader 760-413-2116 or by email linda@largerthanlifemurals.com. There is a required informational meeting Thursday, April 9th, 6:30 PM, at Onaga Elementary School, Yucca Valley.

Larger Than Life Murals has created many public art murals in the Morongo Basin and beyond, teach paint classes, and are advocates of public art and art in school programs.

Additional Information: Larger Than Life Murals www.largerthanlifemurals.com

Butterfly Mural Exhibition- IWAF 2015

"The Butterly Has Landed" Exhibition Mural, Indian Wells Arts Festival 2015

Butterfly Mural, Featured Exhibition At 13th Annual Indian Wells Arts Festival 2015


Screenshot 2015-03-17 20.53.26In keeping with the Indian Wells Arts Festival’s mantra, “Where Art Is Happening,” we were honored to be invited for our fifth year, to be one of many ‘artists in action,’ creating an exhibition mural from start to finish during the 3-day festival.

The butterfly mural titled, “The Butterfly Has Landed,” was designed by Echo, and painted by both of us, April 3-5, 2015. It’s 12′ x 5′ acrylic (on 3 individual- 4′ x 5′ canvases), and we’re looking for a permanent home for it. If you’re interested in owning this mural at a great price, contact us here.

We have to keep the mural fairly simple to complete it in 3 days, because we spend a lot of time, answering questions and sharing information about mural painting. But good design and color are effective in catching the attention of festival goers.

When interested children approach, we often hand them the paint brush to add a few strokes and “help” with the mural, with parents permission of course.

Echo was also honored with a 3rd place ribbon in the acrylic painting category, with the beginnings of her newest series, featuring a stylized look at some iconic Southern California landscapes.

Visit www.indianwellsartsfestival.com For more Festival Experience!

To view more photos, visit our Larger Than Life Mural Gallery

Turn Around Arts Initiative Results Just Released

Turn Around Arts Initiative Results

Turn Around Arts Initiative Results Just Released

Yes, Larger Than Life Murals is passionate about arts and culture in schools, and findings of the Turn Around Arts Initiative Study is just one more reason why.

Turn Around Arts

The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities (PCAH)

Released the results of an independent study that shows substantial gains in student achievement at schools participating in its Turnaround Arts initiative.  The eight schools’ in the pilot phase of the initiative, showing increases in reading and math scores, as well as an increase in attendance and a decrease in suspensions, demonstrate that the program’s use of the arts is having a measureable impact on low-performing schools by increasing student engagement and narrowing the achievement gap.

The researchers found that…

Click this link to read the full story via Home | President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.

Native American Mural

Heavy Shield Mural

“Heavy Shield” Native American Mural

 10.5′ x 12.5′ Acrylic on Canvas


So we had just got our new studio up and running, and were looking forward to participating in the MBCAC Open Studio Art Tours 2014 for the first time. Our studio has a 16′ ceiling, so we could finally showcase large a mural in studio.

Both Echo and I love painting portraits, and I’ve always been passionate about Native Americans, so it was a natural choice to paint a Native American Mural.

“Heavy Shield” was photographed by Edward S. Curtis about 1904, somewhere in the American Southwest. His photo just touched me deeply.

Echo had just had her second son a couple of weeks before, so I got this one started, and then we finished it together. We also filmed the 10-day process in hi-speed time-lapse video, and the link is below.

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Heavy Shield - Native American Mural, High Speed Time-Lapse Video- Larger Than Life Murals
Heavy Shield High Speed Time-Lapse Video- Larger Than Life Murals

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Most Recent Murals- Oct. 2014

Desert Tortoise, Yucca Family Medical Care 2014

Most Recent Murals

As of Oct. 2014. For the most current information visit www.largerthanlifemurals.com

Our Most Recent Murals Were at Yucca Family Medical Care- With Three Additional Interior Office Murals Featuring Hi-Desert Wildlife.

Red Tail Hawk Mural, 18′ hallway, Acrylic
Red Tail Hawk Mural 2014
Red Tail Hawk Mural 2014


Interior Hawk Mural at Yucca Family Medical Care, 18' hallway, Acrylic
Interior Hawk Mural at Yucca Family Medical Care, 18′ hallway, Acrylic
 Tortoise Mural, Acrylic
Desert Tortoise, Yucca Family Medical Care 2014
Desert Tortoise, Yucca Family Medical Care 2014
Desert Tortoise Progress
Desert Tortoise Progress
"Scorpion" Yucca Family Medical Care 2014
“Scorpion” Yucca Family Medical Care 2014

Larger Than Life Murals Launches Art Classes with Ladies Paint Night

Linda Shrader and Echo Westover with over 30 attendees at the end of their first Paint Night Parties evening.

Larger Than Life Murals launched the first of their art classes this past week, starting with a Ladies Paint Night, to a group of over 30 women, and it seems a good time was had by all.

Larger Than Life Murals Paint Night Video
Larger Than Life Murals Paint Night Video

“Such a great night,” says attendee Jessica Gibbs, “They (the whole Larger Than Life Murals team) were amazing… Lots of laughs, smiles, and learning. Can’t wait for the next one!”

“I’m really happy the night went so well,” admits artist Linda Shrader, “This was our first class, and I wasn’t quite sure how well our approach would be received, especially by the ladies who had attended paint nights with other artists.” Shrader had hoped she and Westover could deliver a good balance of having fun, with learning some real painting techniques the ladies could use in the future.

Artist/Instructor Echo Westover demonstrates for the class
Artist/Instructor Echo Westover demonstrates for the class

In addition to oral instructions and a live demonstration, Shrader and Westover also walked around the room offering tips, assistance, and encouragement.

Shrader offers some cloud  assistance to Alisha Bryant
Shrader offers some cloud assistance to Alisha Bryant

“I’ve been to two other paint nights with another gal. Linda and Echo’s class was 100 times better,” comments Colleen Wortham. “All of them were so very, very wonderful. I can not wait for the next class!!”

In addition to the mother-daughter artist team, Linda’s 3 other daughters were also present; Photographer, Piper Robison, shot stills and a video of the class, while Shrader’s youngest daughters, Starlin and Blaze, also shot some photos and assisted with refilling paint plates.

Nicole Cody, Stephanie Will  work on their paintings during Larger Than Life Murals- Ladies Paint Night.
Nicole Cody, Stephanie Will work on their paintings during Larger Than Life Murals- Ladies Paint Night.

Raquel Villegas drove to Yucca Valley for the Ladies Paint Night, all the way from Orange County, and was glad she did. “I couldn’t believe how easy and fun it was to paint my own masterpiece!” 

Chelsea West shows off her finished painting
Chelsea West shows off her finished painting

Larger Than Life Murals will be adding more paint classes and workshops to their website, as well as some fun requested craft projects.

For more information about Larger Than Life Murals or to schedule your own Paint Night Class,  visit www.largerthanlifemurals.com