Paint Night Parties Artwork

Paint Night Parties Artwork and Some Things to Consider…

In the Paint Night Parties Artwork Gallery below, you will find several designs that have been successful at our Paint Night Parties. What’s OUR definition of successful you might ask? We consider the party a success when the majority of attendees (hopefully everyone) have fun AND take home some artwork they’re proud of!

You can choose from some of our existing Paint Night Parties Artwork, also, we can create custom art to fit your interests, theme, or cause. An additional fee may apply.

Choose Your Design From Our Paint Night Parties Artwork Gallery Below

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Yes, You Can Paint Joshua Trees!

In our local high-desert community, landscapes and Joshua Trees in particular, are a very popular subject. There’s seems to be a fascination with them, but they can also be a little intimidating to paint. You will notice we have several designs with Joshua Trees that are considered EASY to paint. That’s because we’ve come up with some easy tips and tricks to painting Joshua Trees! Most painters are pleasantly surprised with their results…

Choosing the Right Artwork, Some Additional Thoughts…

From our experience, when choosing your Paint Night Parties Artwork, it’s best to stick to an EASY design for groups of 25 or more painters. EASY paintings are also a good choice for children’s parties, because most of all they want to have fun!

Medium difficulty paintings work best with smaller groups, so we can give painters more individual attention and assistance.

Whatever artwork you choose, rest assured we’ll be there to guide you through with clear instruction, encouragement, and assistance when needed. Just relax, paint, and have fun!

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