A List of Public Art Resources

At Larger Than Life Murals, we have a zest for learning. Through the years, we have compiled a list of helpful resources which cover a wide range of topics related to public arts and culture, including economic and educational impact.

Click here to view the list: Public Art & Cultural Resources List.
You can also visit our website at www.largerthanlifemurals.com and use the Public Art Resources tab.

There is a wealth of information and opportunity out there. This list is not exhaustive, just a collection of some we’ve found useful. We hope you do also.

If you are a working or aspiring public artist… one of the best things you can do for yourself is educate yourself.

Public arts and culture is a growing industry. And if you want to be a part of it, the more you learn about the industry the better.  You can research and study successful public arts programs, join support organizations, find many educational and working opportunities, grants, residencies, and the list goes on.

Visit some public art spaces in person, and if that’s not possible, visit their websites. Ask yourself, what makes them successful? What appeals to you most? Who is considered the top artists in their disciplines? What would be your best contribution to the public at large?

See what’s out there, not so that you’ll copy someone else’s work or style, but rather be encouraged, inspired, challenged to really dig deep, and bring forth your inner most dreams and aspirations as an artist. Check out our Inspiration page for some very cool public art. Dream big! No limits. If you could create anything… what would it be? (Then do it)

If you’re on a cultural arts council, or want to help start/develop a  public arts program but don’t know where to begin, this is a pretty good place. Again, educate yourself.

The good news is, the real work has been done for you. There are links below to comprehensive studies, compendiums, reports- with real data for the numbers guys- to help you win your case for public art and art in schools, as well as so many other tools and opportunities to help you grow your public arts program.

Please note: Linda Shrader and Echo Westover of Larger Than Life Murals are sharing this information with you to for the benefit of  public art everywhere. We base our opinions on our own personal experiences. Your own experience may vary.